Worcester Promotional Van and the WAVE

Over the past 8 weeks we have be holding Worcester training sessions to improve your knowledge of the latest range.

This training has helped reduce time on site for installing, repairing and servicing the latest Worcester products which saves you money.

  • But how about potential customers who want replace or upgrade their boiler and/or controls?
  • How do you currently sell yourselves and the products you recommend?
  • Could you be more effective at introducing additional products to your standard quotes?
  • What would it mean to your turnover if you could add a few hundred pounds to your quotes AND win more jobs?

That is exactly what Worcester want to help you with by making sure you know their range and benefits inside and out.

And top of their list of benefits is their new controller, the WAVE, which is riding (sorry) the current trend for remote controlled heating by adding a few tricks unique to it and Worcester.

So come and meet the Worcester team, learn about their range and be some of the first to get real insider knowledge and insight on their new controller only at Stevenson Sales on …

Tuesday 30th September 2014


Stevenson Sales, 34 West Common Road, Bromley, BR2 7BX

As usual we will have free food and drink (learning stuff gives you an appetite).

But as a preview here is an introduction to the new WAVE Controller since there is very little about it on the Worcester website!WaveInHouse

Worcester has recently added a new programmable smart heating control – the Wave Smart Thermostat – to its product portfolio, offering installers the chance to integrate sophisticated heating and hot water control into heating systems paired with their Greenstar boilers..

Compatible with their Greenstar gas and oil-fired boilers, the controller allows heating to be adjusted from a smartphone or tablet using a wireless internet connection. The main wall-mounted panel is simple to install and connects to the boiler using a low voltage two wired connection directly to the boiler PCB.

Through a free App, homeowners can take control of their heating and hot water, whether at home or away. The App not only allows remote adjustment of heating and hot water performance, but also provides valuable information on gas consumption for both heating and hot water, helping homeowners to manage their bills.

The device combines a room thermostat and programmable control in one unit. Intuitive and easy-to-use, the Wave can show the homeowner the current temperature of their home, their desired settings and whether the heating is running at peak efficiency.

Unlike many other smart controls on the market, the Wave Smart Thermostat boasts 3 additional features not normally included even in larger, complex BMS systems:

  • Load compensation; taking into account the current room temperature and only firing the boiler at the necessary level for more efficient use of fuel, to maintain peak efficiency levels.
  • Weather compensation; boosts efficiency even further by referencing the property’s postcode to determine local weather conditions. This negates the need to install a north facing sensor externally to the property, making installation simple.
  • The control can also use presence detection via smartphone location to adjust heating levels in line with attendance at home and the desired personal comfort settings.

These features which in combination are unique to the Wave move it ahead of most of the third party controls and well beyond other boiler manufacturers current offerings.

This is offers you a competitive edge, if you know about and understand the controller, which could mean the difference between winning or loosing a job!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get in first, come to Stevenson Sales, 34 West Common Road, Bromley BR2 7BX on Tuesday 30th September

See you soon,


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