It’s time to give your toolbag some love.

Now Christmas and New Year are behind us, along with all those New Year resolutions probably, it’s time to get back to work.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a little something to make your (and your customers) life easier.

If you have been in the shop recently you will see the walls covered with the items we sell but did you know we do all these –

  • Drill bits and hole cutters
  • Analysers (we can also take care of the servicing and remind you when due as well).
  • Voltage and continuity testers – A real necessity when fault finding problems on modern boilers.
  • O-Ring kits – A comprehensive range of o-rings in a box. Never be without the right size again.
  • Boiler and First aid kits – All the little bits and pieces you need when working on boilers (but can’t find in the bottom of your toolbox) in one simple box.
  • CT1 sealants – Considered the best in the industry, nuff said.
  • Notice pads – Used on most jobs so don’t run out.
  • and stickers – For the boilers destined to meet their maker!
  • Service consumables – Exactly as described. Stuff needed for most servicing jobs
  • Powerflush and water treatments – A big one for all you installers.
  • Closure plate and foil tapes – Gas fires are still a mainstay of the older property and rentals.
  • And most of the huge Regin range of products or some of these special selections:
  • Maintenance Mats and runners. Protect the carpet and area around your work.
  • Leak detection sprays and fluids – Do extactly what they say on the tin (or in this case bottle).
  • Identification tape such as “Gas”, “LPG”, “Danger Do Not Use” etc.
  • Pipe cutters – Better than a hacksaw!
  • Grills and vents
  • Flue access panels
  • Electrical components (fuse, wall boxes, cable etc)
  • Smoke pellets and matches
  • Torches
  • Batteries
  • and more…

For more tools and accessories that you use everyday visit us now at –

Stevenson Sales, 34 West Common Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 7BX



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