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CT1 Clear

CT1 Sealants

CT1 Sealants, probably the best sealant in the UK.
CT1 is one of the best kept secrets in the trade. ┬áBut CT1 is more than just a sealant as it is also an incredibly strong adhesive. (more…)

Kamco CombiMag Dual

Kamco's new dual filter and heater - the Combimag Dual (more…)

New Potterton programmers in the EP range.

Potterton have recently launched two new programmers as replacements for the previous range of seven models. (more…)

Honeywell XC100

A few months ago I introduced the hazards and dangers of Carbon Monoxide in my post imaginatively titled - An Introduction to Carbon Monoxide. Well to compliment the awareness of the dangers we now have in stock Honeywell's newest CO alarm, the XC100. (more…)
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New Release – Kamco CombiMag Dual


COMBIMAG DUAL COMBINED POWER FLUSHING FILTER & HEATER The highlights – Twin cylinder unit containing both magnet and heater. 11,000 gauss of magnetic power. 3kW CombiHeat power flush heater. The Benefits – Increases flushing efficiency. Reduces flushing time. Prevents recirculation of debris through the boiler. Minimises water consumption. Transparent cylinder gives visible indication of system […]

Meet Delta Dore’s New 2013 Range

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Now showing in Stevenson Sales – Delta Dore’s new 2013 range. Earlier this year Delta Dore announced an update to the entire range of domestic wired and wireless thermostats and controllers. The Details – They have created 3 distinct ranges each with standard and premium versions – Simplicity Digital Wireless Room Thermostats Intelligence Wireless Programmable […]