Introducing the Honeywell Y6630D1007 Analogue Wireless Room Thermostat

There has been a steady rise in the more basic thermostats as more and more customer move away from the more technical, energy saving options from the like of Nest and British Gas.

Fancy, learning, integrated thermostats are a great idea but most users still don’t understand the basics and become lost and annoyed by the additional complications their heating controls force onto them.

Often left in the cold when they have pressed the wrong button or misread the instructions, a growing number of end users are asking to have the original, simple controls put back in.

Comments such as

“I just want to be able to make my house warmer when I want to”

“Why does it keep turning on when I don’t want it too?”

“My radiators are cold but the thermostat says the heating is on!”

Are very common.

Some have even asked for just an on/off switch.

So in response to these needs Honeywell have made sure their best selling and simplest thermostat stays just the way it has for the last 20 years.

However, for you, the installer it is wireless making installation easier and cheaper!

Y6630D1007 - hi

Here are the main features of the Y6630D1007 –

  • Pre-configured kite means the room unit and relay module are already bounded together
  • Easy installation plug and play.
  • Simple analogue control interface with absolute setpoint temperature scale 10-30 C and frost protection symbol (5C)
  • Simulates mechanical thermostat function by LED indication (on/off)
  • Limitation of adjustment range mechanical stop
  • Indication of battery status LED flashing before battery power is lost
  • No programming!
  • RF communication check
  • Volt free connections
  • Energy saving TPI control
  • Ideal for zoning properties and for use with combi boilers
  • Can be wired directly to motorised zone valves or actuators

Basically it is a simple to install and simple to use room thermostat for you and your customers.

Available in the shop and at a special offer price while stocks last for December 2015!

Drop into the shop today for price and availability.


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