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You use your combustion analyser every day, on every job, but you probably haven’t scratched the surface of the other things your analyser can do to save you time and money.Kaneg 2010 logo square

I’ve made some calls to a popular analyser manufacturer and they’ve agreed to show you some of the time and cost saving analyser features you probably didn’t know about.

We’re holding training room sessions at our store location in Bromley. Each session is 30 mins of focussed and to the point instruction. Which will give your profit and analyser skills a boost.

It costs NOTHING to attend.


Click the link below to book a spot.

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If you’re wondering which brand of analyser, that’s a good question.

The team we’re bringing in is from Kane. But if you have a Sprint analyser or something else, you should still come…we’ve got something special for you too. More on that in a minute.

Like most heating engineers you know how to use a combustion analyser.

You completed the CPA1 course last time you sat your qualification exams and you use it on mosts jobs.

But what they didn’t tell you about was all the extras stuffed into the quality Kane products.

Extras like –

  • The Gas Leak detector function in the Kane 455 Pro kit.
  • The differential pressure test.
  • The differential temperature function.
  • Let-by, Stabilisation and tightness tests.
  • Room CO testing.

If you need to complete most of these extras you would need to carry a number of different testing products in the van and to and from the job.

They would need to be constantly charged and in some cases they would need to be sent  away each year to be calibrated.

Hassle and an added expense in time and money

However, since you probably have a model which already does these extra tests (or deserve to treat yourself to an upgrade) why not use it profitably? Why take two tools into your customers house when one will do the job?

With just 30 minutes of your time you will get a better understanding of the features than even the manual (which you have read of course) provides:

  • Tips on saving time every time you do a boiler test = saving you money
  • See how to use the functions to help find faults more quickly = saving you money
  • One tool to replace 3 or more others = saving you money
  • Trade in your current model (any make) for a discount = saving you money


*************  Location, times and bookings link  ******************




Q: “But what if you don’t have a Kane analyser?”

A: Don’t worry, whilst possibly not as good, your analyser will probably have at least one of these extra features so this will be time well spent as on the day, Kane are offering a discount for competitive upgrades so you can save even more money.

Q: “I already know most of this, I just have one question?”

A: That is not a problem as the rep will be available throughout the morning to answer individual questions and pass on tips and advice if you haven’t booked in time to get in a session.

Q: “Can I buy on the day?”

A: Yes, but because the units calibration period includes “shelf life” we don’t want to rob you of even a few weeks of usage before your first service.

So we order on request and get them within a couple of days. Obviously the discount will be applied to any Kane products ordered on the day.

Plus if you buy an analyser from Stevenson Sales we will remind you when the service is due and can handle returning the unit to Kane and back to you at cost.

Q: “Why do I need to book a session?”

Just like our recent Worcester training days, the training is very popular so we ask that you book in advance to guarantee your place as there is a recommended maximum number of attendees per session which we cannot go over.

Q: “What will happen when I book?”

You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes and a reminder the day before the training. If you enter your mobile number I will also send you a reminder text message.

Q: “Can I park easily?”

Yes, we have lots of parking in our yard, safe and secure.

Q: “Where is this happening?”

A: In our Training room at Stevenson Sales. It is fully equipped with a range of boilers, controls and pumps to “play” with. For directions, maps and full details see the bottom of the page:


So book now, before the places fill up, by picking a time from the list below and following the instructions.





Location details:

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