Flue Gas Analyser Servicing, Service

You know you have to do it but remembering to get it done in time and organising it can be such a ‘faff’.

I’m talking about getting your annual (mostly) service, repair and calibration sorted for your most important tool.

Your Flue gas Analyser.

But what about getting it repaired as well?

  • Remembering to get it done is the first hurdle.
  • Then your have to get in touch with them to book it in.
  • Package it up.
  • Send it off by courier or Royal Mail.
  • and chase them up.
  • Plus if you miss the service date they can often charge a premium for replacing bits rather than servicing.
  • Then finally wait in for the courier when they send it back.

All problems you could do without.

So why not let us do the donkey work.

Tell us when the service is due* and we will contact you in advance to remind you.

Then when you are next in the shop, leave it with us and we will get a quote for the service or repair (which is the same as if you had organised it yourself).

We will package it and courier it to them.

Chase them up and keep you informed.

If they find any other problems we will let you know and you can decide what you want to do.

And when it is ready to be returned we will have it sent back to us (so no waiting in), let you know it is coming back and contact you when we have it ready for the next time you are in the shop.


We then invoice you the amount they have quoted for any work they did (which you will already know about).

No hassle, no stress and no forgetting to get it done in time.

* Oh and if you bought it from us in the first place we will remind you anyway.



One of the Stevenson Sales Team.

PS if your analyser is getting a bit old or dodgy we supply the latest Sprint eVo and Kane ranges!

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