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An alternative to THAT pump manufacturer


Hi, Over the past few years we have been trailing various alternative pump manufacturers against the industry standard Grundfos pump with various levels of success. We have always supplied the Wilo range as a lower cost alternative to the old Grundfos 15/50 and 15/60 models but when ERP loomed on the horizon and the various […]

The King of Power Flushing Pumps


Looking to replace your old, knackered or under powered power flush machine or looking to get startedt, Kamco should be your  first choice for the hardware, chemicals and accessories. With over 20 years of experience in building pumps here in the UK they have arguably the best range of machines available. Starting with the most […]

Fittings packs now available


Hi, Looking to get some common End Feed fittings at the best price possible? Need to make sure you always have a stock of basic fittings? We now have 3 End Feed packs available from stock for unbelievable prices – Pack 1 250 15mm fittings includes 100 x 15mm Couplers 100 x 15mm Elbows 50 x […]

New Kidde Long Life Smoke Alarm

Meet the new Kidde long life smoke alarm, the perfect accompaniment to the Honey long life CO alarm – A couple of months ago I wrote about the new Honeywell CO alarm range with a 10 year battery, life and warranty. Well now you can compliment that offering to your customers with thye new long […]

TapLock – Security for your outside tap.


Introducing the TapLock – TapLock is designed to secure your outside or shared are tap from unauthorised usage and theft. It has a unique free-spinning design in order to secure taps and hose bibbs from miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorised use, tampering and water theft. TapLock is made of a hard non ferrous zinc alloy (to prevent rusting) […]

New Kamco Water Treatment Range

Kamco Concentrate chemicals range 500ml

Kamco have recently released an update to their range of water treatments. New concentrate sizes, new products and new certification and a new, very low price. Here are the top 4 products –   SYSTEMSAFE-DM Inhibitor NEW 500ml CONCENTRATE now available SCALE & CORROSION INHIBITOR FOR ALL SYSTEMS Once a heating system has been power […]