April 2016 Breakfast Morning

Easter has gone and marks the change to Spring, warmer weather and a little bit more time to catch upi on the Industry updates including a spot of Manufacturer training?

But why travel miles when we have brought it to you here at Stevenson Sales –

Worcester training vehicle, Salamander Pumps Product van, Delta Dore, Fluid Dynamics (Limetron water conditioners), Barlcyas Digital Eagles, free food and drink AND Special offers on the day:

Where and When

Wednesday 13th April 2016


Stevenson Sales

34 West Common Road, Bromley, BR2 7BX


All available all morning BUT you must book if you want the Worcester training:



As usual we are here to help and have organised a bumper breakfast morning/open day with 4 major product suppliers here in the Stevenson Sales Yard for you to lean from:

1)  The Worcester training van is back for a series of hour long sessions on all the latest from the world of Worcester.

2)  Salamander pumps have a brand new product van displaying their range of booster and shower pumps and demos of their multiple smartphone apps for choosing the right products.

3)  The Limetron rep will be in the shop to talk you through why their water conditioner actually works (compared to other makes) and is out selling traditional water softeners.

4)  Delta Dore are back with their new product updates and smartphone add-ons for the heating, security, lights and more in your home.

5)  Barclays Eagles will be on site to help with updating your online skills, online security and general business and Barclays banking advice.

AND we have special offers available on the day (A prize draw, cashback vouchers, discounts and special prices).

BUT … So that we don’t overfill the limited slots available we ask that you book a time slot for the Worcester training if you are interested.

You don’t need to book for the Salamander, Delta Dore or Limetron.

Keep an eye on your email and social feeds as we announce the deals!

Lastly, and most importantly, there will be free drinks and food available all day.

Book your Worcester place NOW before they fill up, on the form at the top of the page  or visit the event page here.

See you there,


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